Why HMS?

HMS® gives you an in-depth knowledge about the language of real estate. Join a group of dedicated professionals interested in achieving the standardization and modernization of the currency of real estate, square footage.
Continuing research and education materials, advertising materials that capture the attention of buyers and sellers, and a bi-monthly newsletter, the Institute of Housing Technologies is bringing together local experts to help teach the process of measuring residential square footage and bringing together more information on this influential topic in one resource than previously available anywhere. And, helping to start the discussion about the influence of size or square footage on the overall home valuation process.
Even in markets where the local MLS dos NOT report any square footage information, square footage often still plays a major role in determining home prices. Most practitioners use the square footage information reported by the local tax department instead of the MLS, as it has always been done in the past. Price-per-square-foot is the only method most agents know. Many classes on creating CMA’s specifically mention taking square footage information from public records. It’s openly discussed even in markets that don’t report square footage to MLS.
As an HMS®, you’ll learn to use a subject consumers know and understand to help them recognize your unique expertise. They will recognize the benefits of working with a HMS®, who is truly knowledgeable about the power of square footage in the home valuation process.
Why choose the HMS®? What makes a HMS stand out? If your mind is open to new challenges, possibilities, and opportunities to enhance your business and profession, you can become a mentor, teacher, local or regional instructor, and join the growing membership raising the awareness about this once taboo topic. Attract the interests of your peers and a whole new group of knowledgeable home buyers and sellers, anxious to know they are receiving a fair value in the transaction. The HMS® program offers the most information and education on residential square footage and its influence on the national housing market ever assembled. The measurement portion of the Certification is based on the ANSI® measurement guideline. Now there is a way to enhance your professional image, ensure you are providing your clients with the best possible service, and stand out from the competition. In the biggest transaction of most people’s lives, consumers expect full service, which includes a knowledgeable and caring real estate professional who wants their clients to get the best value for their home. In creating a CMA or appraisal, the final value is dependent on the accuracy of the very first step, determining the accurate size or square footage of the home. In an industry that offers education programs for just about every imaginable subject, there has been an absence of resources for this topic, which is at the heart of every residential transaction. The real estate experts are finally opening the discussion about the methods used to calculate square footage and determine home values. HMS® - the right choice for you and your growing business. Speak the Language of Real Estate – Square Footage.


Why an HMS®? In a word, knowledge. Like most businesses, the more knowledge a professional possesses, the more successful they become. As a consumer, you want to work with the most knowledgeable person in your area. When you have questions, you want to trust in the answers your expert provides. In this sometimes crazy world of real estate, at least one thing has never changed. Real estate 101 – the home that is priced well sells well. Good market, bad market, no matter the location or circumstances, the fundamentals of real estate success come down to accurate pricing. Accurate pricing from the start, not a reduction after six months of frustration, which doesn't help the seller or the agent. A key element in any selling scenario is how well a home for sale has been compared to other sold (and active) properties, and how it has been priced to make the best first impression.
With so much attention these days focused on technology, the real estate industry often overlooks a number that provides the very foundation, or the heart of home comparison and valuation; square footage. Other than location, size is the key component in any home pricing process. Pull up any group of CMA's or pull up one of the growing number of automated valuation services or AVM's. The first common denominator you will discover is a phrase we all understand and use, but rarely think about its importance; price-per-square-foot. The next time you look at a "sold" listing in MLS, think about the first two numbers you search for. For most people, it's the "sales price" and the "size." An HMS® trained professional understands the POWER in this oversimplified calculation, and how important this simple number can be to nervous home buyers and sellers. Many consumers know little about the home buying and selling process, but the vast majority recognize and fully understand this most often used formula, price-per-square-foot. Discover more about the measurement process, the valuation process, and the way to best protect yourself and your clients. A skill that will make you (and your clients) more money. Home Measurement Specialist - a wealth of information and a Certification for today's real estate professional.
The art of home pricing has never been more important than in this current real estate environment. A home’s size is a key component in any valuation process and this new generation of HGTV® educated buyers and sellers are looking for real estate professionals with the skill to help them make the wisest decisions possible.
Consumers will be drawn to a professional real estate practitioner that has taken the time and effort to become a Home Measurement Specialist (HMS®). Agents and appraisers with the HMS® Certification have a full understanding of measuring residential square footage, and how this information influences the home valuation process. They are fully equipped to answer questions from buyers and sellers, and they have the tools to help clients more accurately price their homes.